Spot Brand Bikes

Spot Brand makes the bikes that no one else does. That is, bikes propelled by your legs and GATES CARBON BELT DRIVE! These include a full quiver of internally-geared, nearly zero-maintenance commuters as well as single speed race bikes. Gates Carbon belts don’t stretch or wear out like chains do. They are low friction and lightweight, and require no lubrication. Win? Yeah, win. I definitely recommend test riding one of these bad boys, as the ride quality is what makes a Spot a Spot.

From their site:

“It may sound like an obvious statement, but we folks at Spot make bikes. It’s been our sole focus from day one. No shortcuts, no marketing tricks, no redefining what “cool” means – just building bikes that turn bike riders into bike addicts, and racers into winners. When it comes to designing, engineering and building our bikes, we’ve been at the forefront of the industry long enough to know the difference between a real innovation and a trendy fad. It’s been true right from the start, when we gave single-speed mountain bikes the attention and technology they deserved, creating a whole new riding experience. Then, as one of the first to build a 29er, we took the opportunity to complement the wheel radius with a dialed-in geometry that turned its potential on paper into a reality on the trail. And our partnership with Gates has added yet another dimension to the industry. The development of the carbon belt drive has introduced a level of strength and efficiency that would never have been possible in traditional drive systems. In truth, all that innovation is fine and good, but our real goal is to make sure that once you’re in the saddle, you completely forget that any of it exists, and just enjoy the ride. After all, the best stories are about biking, not about bikes.”

Spot Acme 11-speed

With a Shimano Alfine 11-speed hub, aluminum frame, carbon fork, and comfy neutral riding position, the Acme is a Mercedes road car on two wheels (hence the color). A fast and agile city bike.

Spot Dualie 2-speed

The Dualie features a smooth and comfy lightweight chromoly frame and fork, with a 2-speed Sturmey Archer Kickback hub (you shift with the pedals). Simplicity and durability in one functional package.
Spot Honey Badger single-speed
This bad boy takes the belt-drive to the trails. Super-dialed geometry and a smart parts kit make it the perfect low-maintenance trail bike. Take it to the mud, the sand, whatever. Honey Badger don’t care.

Spot Cream single-speed

“But what if I want a top-shelf, made in the USA, titanium, no-holds-barred single speed trail MACHINE?” Look no further and click here. From the Colorado-made Ti frame to the US-made ENVE wheels and cockpit, the Cream is the real deal.
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