February Super Challenge

And so it is upon us… the FEBRUARY SUPER CHALLENGE!!!

“What is the FSC” you ask… It is the most elite, rugged, and hardcore cycling competition that any mortal man or woman could possibly enter.  The contestants are hand picked from thousands of possible competitors and the field is narrowed down to just six of the WORLDS most brave and daring individuals.  Regardless of their individual agendas, they have been recruited and sent to a pier in Hong Kong, where they will be taken to Shang Tsung’s island, the site of the tournament  The Challenge will be held in and around Gainesville and the objective is simple, the contestants must risk their lives and overcome their powerful adversaries in order to win the tenth Mortal Kombat tournament, or condemn Earthrealm to eternal damnation  ride a bicycle for 30minutes or more each and every day, regardless of weather or physical health conditions for the entire month of Feb.

Why would anyone subject themselves to such torture? For glory and booze.

Any rider that fails to complete the  30 min daily requirement will be obligated to buy one round of drinks for all other contestants per day missed.

Check back for updates and progress reports.

Game on!

your soul is mine

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