The May Update! (As in "i may update this sometime…")

Hello, You are the few and far-betweens  that have taken the time to find us on the inter-webs AND read our awesome and seldom updated blog. Let it be known that the lack of updates in no way corresponds to a lack of goings on in the shop. We are moving into our “SLOW” season with the students gone and it would appear that things have picked up around the shop rather than the drop off that is so generally associated with summer time in a college town. I like to think the reason for the increase in business has little to do with my dashing good looks and everything to do with the new shop structure. Neal Knight has been promoted from “Mechanic-in-training” to “Assistant Manager” to his newest resting place firmly atop the Bikes and More totem pole as ” General Manager”. The change is indicative of great thing to come for us as a shop. Now, rather than trying my best but having things slip through my fingers, I have Neal to pull everything together. Neal brings with him both the confidence and wit to do great things for the shop.

We have been going through staffing changes as of late, with Dan Action off to Philly, Matt B. moving to Portland, and Elli’s upcoming (mid summer) move, the shop has several new faces.   Be sure to stop in and meet the new crew! Our new staff brings a commitment to quality service and a love for all thing bicycle related to a new and previously unparalleled level.  For the latest updates on the Giro d’Italia, you need only stop in and ask.

We are working rapidly to become your favorite bicycle shop. We have made so many changes over the last seven months that it is worth stopping in just to observe the differences.

Price matching—> The question has come up as the the issue of price matching. While I would always rather get the sticker price for my fantastic bicycle wares,  I would rather attempt to price match than lose your business. If you find ” the most amazing deal ever” online and it is a currently available product that I have or am able to get, I will do my best to price match for you. You need only bring in a printed out piece of paper with the amazing low price and the shipping quote and I will attempt to work my magic.

As per our new standards, we strive to ensure your satisfaction, and will make every effort to meet or exceed your expectations. If you ever find that we have not done our job to the fullest of your expectations, we would like to hear about it.

New Email——->

try it, we’ll respond.

While this did end up being a much-less-than-orderly update, I feel like I got a lot of info out there. The few things that I failed to mention are these:

We stock Nirve Bicycles

We have Paul Frank Bicycles in stock.

We are a Spooky Bikes dealer.

We stock more Handlebar Tape and Brooks Saddles than anyone else in Gainesville

Summer Gloves are here (half finger)

All riding clothing (other than the new gloves) is 20% off.

We Love Your Bicycle!



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  1. yourmom says:

    does this picture represent the dashing good looks

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