Spaniard's win overshadowed by plucky Brit's amazing feat (and legs!)

Contador is King. He has earned it, nobody questions it. He rides clean and works hard. El Pistolero knows how to use his resources and was able to take help from his amazing team and pull off a great win. However, when it comes to team work and teams making things happen for riders, nobody comes to mind more than Mark “my mouth is as large as my quads” Cavendish. Cav IS the fastest rider on two wheels, Period. He is not so much the sportsman, in fact, he’s a trash talking jerk, but he IS the fastest sprinter in the world and that is no small feat. His performance in this years tour really was more spectacular than  Contador’s overall win. Utilizing the amazing power and precision that is Team Columbia HTC, Cav was able to shove his trash talking mouth across the line 6 times,  making him stand alone in the field of sprinters,  (and making him easy to spot, as all the other notable sprinters are wearing green jerseys and they are hard to spot in out in that field…) and frimly entrenching him in cycling lore as the fastest, stage winningest Brit ever. Congrats to Astana for an expected and well earned victory, and thanks to Columbia HTC for the unexpected, nail biting excitment!

It’s kind of sad that the Tour is over… it swings through like a whirlwind, and just as soon as it shows up, it’s gone again.  I’ll stop crying and get back to work. We have bikes to fix and a shop to prepare for the return of the students… They too will swing through like a whirlwind, and will disappear with another TDF on their heels and so goes life at the bike shop. We love the Tour, we love our customers, and we love bicycles.

Paul Out.

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