Day nine update (FSC)

Wow, as the week wraps up, it is painfully obvious that I have not been cycling enough in the past 5 or 6 years. I have always been an avid cyclist, however, the FSC has brought to my attention that even a simple obligation to cycling can be almost overwhelming. Every ride has been fun and rewarding but several have been met with pure dread prior to spinning the wheels. Day 7 was rainy and provided a super wet campus fixed-gear ride that included super long wheel locking skids. Day 8 almost didn’t happen, but was saved by Timmy and Dizzy when they showed up at the end of the day for a duckpond spin on some nice road bikes from the shop. Day nine was a post-work, cross-campus, out-to-dinner, and off to run errands trip from the shop to Butler Plaza with a post-ride stop at Miya Sushi, the official Sushi sponsor of Team Bikes&More.(i know they only sponsor us for $$$, but it counts, yes?)

-Paul and More

still scrapin’


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