“Failure” the word spun violently off of so many hushed tongues. Whom among us would be the first to fall into the throws of self-degradation while simultanuously causing an audible sigh of relief for those that were not first to fail. It was me,  I knew it would be, it’s as if I had know all my life that I would only be able to summon a sub-par effort from the very depths of my soul. I have failed, beaten down by both  the tediousness of the challenge and  a raging case  of Acute viral nasopharyngitis.  I stand before you now, not as an equal, but as a dog. Beaten, hungry, and eagerly seeking companionship, although knowing that I shall never rise to your level again, you can only fall to mine.  February Twelfth,  the bane of my existence, shall semi-permanently  bear the mark of an X symbolizing my failure for all to see. Do not cast your gaze upon me, and I beg, you should not address me as an equal, as it would only provide false hope, delivering me, if only temporarily, from the secret shame that I hold ever closer to my heart.

I arose this morning, painfully aware of my prior evenings shame, and have come to terms with it.  It is not a burden I must bear alone. Others have trod down this soggy and unforgiving path.  While my riding was clearly sub-par when compaired to the likes of Neal, Matt, Elli, or Dan Action,  there is one other among us that has similarly fallen from grace. She and I must both now offer up rounds of libations in an attmempt to appease the other challengers.  Only through such a heartfelt and genuine offer can our wrongs be righted. Please forgive us.



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One Response to Day 12 MELTDOWN

  1. neal says:

    Matt didn’t ride last night, either. February, February, oh Unforgiving February.

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