Holy Smokes, Where has the month gone???

Wow, It’s almost the end of the month and the “challenge” is almost over. I think the new challenge should be to make better challenges. I fell off the wagon mid week and had little to no desire to hop back on. Given that I could buy my way out, coupled with my co-workers inabilities to drink like fishes, it feels like I’m walking my bike through a giant loop-hole. The next challenge should have weekly check points and DIRE consequences. I’m proposing everyone offers up a pinky finger to the cycling gods, and only upon successful completion of the monthly challenge would one be spared pinky-removal-by-bolt cutters. The May(?) challenge is in the works and involves orienteering, camping, cycle-touring, and psudo-kidnapping. It’s a “walk-the-plank-esque” challenge that will require determination from all parties, except perhaps from Mr. Dan “2oo miles, *rolls eyes* you could do that in like, a day” Langlois, who sees no challenge in lightweight-minitouring. (NOT)

In other shop news, the new Spooky Bikes are done and should be going to paint soon. Look for amazing powder jobs inspired by things that inspire me…


purple caddy

lime dirty rat

Now I know that I may stand alone in my inspirational choices, but I feel like I can spec a pretty cool bike if I try. The colors will be a first for me, as I normally work within the “black” color spectrum. (gloss, flat, etc…) I will post photos when I get em.

New Schmidt Nabendynamo Hubs are in stock in both XS100 and SON28 versions, as well as several B&M LED lights to go with.





Check back soon for tail lights. Remember, we are your commuter specialists.

Thats a wrap.

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