Lammsbrau Light at 10:00am. Why not? Heeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrreeessssss yer update.

Wow. I have been slack to the point that bloggings have been limited to once a month. Get yours while there hot. Hot blog coming up.

Me: (on phone) Sooooooo Mickey, when do you think you’ll get around to sending us some Spooky frames?

Mickey: (on other end of phone) “What, you haven’t gotten those yet?”

Me: No, why did you get them finished?

Mickey: Finished? I sent them out a week ago. You should have them by now.

Me: *loud rumbling noise in background* Hang on, a FedEx truck just pulled up…

Mickey: *holding on*

Me: (laughter) Yup, that looks like a box from spooky, sorry mickey. Thanks.

Mickey: I’ll wait while you open it.

Me: Wow, those are awesome. I love the colors.

Mickey: Have fun with that, KTHXBYE. Oh, and look in the bottom of the box…

Me: KTHXBYE *hangs up phone* *looks in bottom of box* Laughter.

The bottom of the box was filled with all sorts of fun stuff, including but not limited to: A million spooky decal sets, reces peanut butter cup wrappers, beer coasters, defense strategies study guide, and smith and wesson decals. The box also contained frames.


These are thems…


“Purple rainbow sparkle?” you ask. Yes, Purple rainbow sparkle.


Did the Epic Challenge ever pay out? No.


Not only did I give up mid month. I never got to pay out for it. It can still happen. We just need to figure out when…


I found This!

And it’s awesome.


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