June, No I'll Ask ya. (at least thats where i think matt went)

Me: June. What a great month. The best month EVER.

You: Huh?

Me: yeah, best ever.

you: thats nice, but i just want a pack of Expresso Gu.

Me: The summer begins, the year is creased neatly down the middle, the town is congestion free, plus The Thirty Fifth Annual Skyscraper Harlem Cycling Classic is in June, and this year it’s sponsored by Michael Ball and his Holy Green Terror.

You: (finally getting engaged in the conversation) Rock Racing Sucks! Why would anyone like Michael Ball. He is such a jerk.

Me: The verdict is still out on Mr. Ball personally, however i like the concept of disgraced pro riders avenging themselves in the sport they are so attached to. It’s the “superhero” format, but not the one used for Superman, more like the punisher or spawn. The Rider is disgraced and must use his new super powers for good and also swears off doping.

you: thats stupid, rock racing can’t even compete in europe.

me: duh, thats why they bill themselves as a domestic pro team.

you: here’s your buck and a quarter (*puts small pile of change on the counter*) thanks for the gu.

me: *throws change across the room* take your stupid gu, it won’t make you any faster anyways.

you: what the … im never coming back here…

me: (to everyone else in the shop) he’ll be back, he works here…


In other news: Why in name of all things holy (here) would Tom Boonen do something soooo vile that it resulted in his immediate un-invite from the Tour. Tom, please. You’re better than that. But maybe you’re not. You didn’t see Marco Pantani doing Cocaine did you? With any luck and a few more blunders on your part you too could be calling Michael Ball “big daddy”. Cipo did it. you can too.


Spooky Bikes has new road frames in stock. 1000g under *Price to be announced soon*. Totally Sweet.

Help me help you get the bike you always wanted.


Mars is in retrograde. Tinfoil hats, quick!


Bike shop repairs are underway, the bathroom is being re-done as you read this. (unless you are reading a post-blog, then chances are good that the bathroom is well beyond done.)

It’s trivia night at the bowling alley, so im off.

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