Brooks Saddles

You know that awesome leather saddle your buddy keeps raving about? Well, it’s probably a Brooks. And guess what else– it’s as comfy as your buddy says it is. Brooks has been offering quality leather goods handmade in England for 145 years. As Florida’s #1 Brooks dealer, we understand why people are so enthusiastic about this stuff. Whether it’s a handmade leather bag, bar tape, grips, toe straps, or one of the 100+ saddles they offer, we probably have it in stock.

We are proud to offer a 90-day comfort guarantee on all Brooks saddles we sell. If, within 90 days of purchasing a Brooks from us, you aren’t satisfied with the comfort of your saddle, you can exchange it for another model, a different brand, or store credit! Curious? Come on by and we’ll be happy to chat with you about which Brooks saddle might cure your blues.

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