Saddle Drive @ QBP

We (Brian and I) just got back from Ogden, UT and 3 days of fun at QBP’s West Operations. We got to play in the new warehouse, meet with all the folks that we had only previously gotten to talk to on the phone, and catch up with rest of our favorite Q insiders. We got our Salsa Cycles preseason order taken care of, so if you are looking for 2012 Salsa stuff, we know what is on it’s way. Just ask us. It’s awesome. We also got to play with some neat new releases from Kenda tires, Jagwire cables, and Cateye. 2012 is going to see lots of Salsa bikes at Bikes and More, as well as a few awesome DEMO bikes. Yup, you can demo some good stuff on our favorite trails before we let you buy it! Get ready, we are excited about all the awesome that is on it’s way!

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