Fausto Coppi. Felice Gimondi. Mario Cipollini. Marco Pantani. Moreno Argentin. Julien Absalon. Jan Ullrich. These are just a few of the cycling heavyweights who have piloted Bianchi bicycles during the company’s 126-year history. The oldest bicycle company in the world still in operation, Bianchi boasts a rich and storied history. Legend has it, their iconic and traditional “Celeste” paint color was first conceived to match the eyes of Queen Tiffany of Italy, to whom Edoardo Bianchi presented a custom-built bike.
Today, Bianchi continues to build upon their Italian heritage, producing thoroughly modern bikes worthy of the everyday commuters and world champions who ride them. Whether you’re looking for a comfort hybrid, a unique fixed gear, or a racy Italian road bike, Bianchi may very well have what you’re looking for.

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