Salsa Cycles

We are Florida’s ONLY Salsa dealer. We keep on hand inventory for test rides and fitting, and starting in 2012, we will have DEMO models available of the Mukluk, Spearfish, and the Vaya!

Mountain Bike Hall of Fame member Ross Shafer started building frames in 1976, and founded Salsa Cycles in 1982. At the time, Salsa was one of four frame builders producing the newfangled “mountain bikes” that were becoming all the rage in southern California. Needless to say, the mountain bike fad stuck, and Salsa Cycles emerged as one of the premier builders of custom steel frames.

These days, Salsa offers a full stable of mountain, road, touring, and cyclocross bikes, as well as some funky combinations in between. There are a lot of reasons we like these bikes: They come outfitted with really smart parts setups. They utilize years of experience and rock-solid geometries. They also come in a variety of flavors, like Chromoly, Aluminum, and Titanium (Salsa’s Ti bikes are handmade in Tennessee).

In the spirit of individuality, all of Salsa’s complete bikes are also available as a frame-only option. If it’s something unique you’re looking for, we are happy to build up any Salsa with a custom parts setup just for you.

Fargo 2 all-terrain touring
First introduced in 2008, the Fargo has developed a cult status as a bicycling anomaly: a disc brake only, drop bar mountain bike designed for off-road touring and bikepacking.
Mukluk 3 – frameset or complete
The Mukluk is a fatbike, designed to provide extreme tire floatation in soft conditions. It rides where other bikes can’t. Soft surfaces such as beaches, snowy singletrack, frozen lakes and rivers, and intriguing gametrails are its home.
Vaya 2
The Vaya is a road adventure bike, designed to handle any ‘road’ surface, from pavement to gravel. Loaded with braze-ons for fenders, racks, and lowriders, the Vaya is capable of everything from full-on touring to wet-weather training rides to gravel racing.
Spearfish 3
Spearfish is our ultra-endurance racing and riding machine, perfect for 100-milers, 24-hour races, and all-day singletrack sessions. Aimed at pedaling and suspension efficiency, Spearfish offers stable, balanced handling that really shines on epic rides.

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